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After Selling To Facebook, Oculus Reassures Supporters That Headset Is Focused On Gaming - Gamespot

The Most Popular Current-Gen Game Console, According To Facebook

"We're focusing on gaming; that's our top priority" -- Brendan Iribe "We're really focused on the game market," Iribe said. "A lot of people think, 'Oh, [Oculus Rift is] going to go into communications and these other areas.' And, 'Now Oculus is part of Facebook and they're not going to be focusing on gaming so much.' And that's really not true." He added, "We're focusing on gaming; that's our top priority. And the foundation of VR is built on a game engine. It's built on a 3D scene that you have to render in real time at an incredibly high frame rate, which is what game developers do best." Iribe also pointed out that Oculus VR will develop its own games internally, through a team led by Rubin. Though Oculus Rift may be a gaming-first platform right now, it may not stay that way forever. When Facebook acquired Oculus VR in March, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said the virtual reality tech has an opportunity to impact markets beyond gaming , and Iribe seems to agree. He said virtual "face-to-face" communication is a "longer horizon driver" for how Oculus Rift can reach 1 billion people someday. Sound familiar? That's because Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey said in April that at some point in visit this site the future, it could be considered irresponsible to send people on business trips because you'll be able to have a "meaningful" virtual meeting through technology like Oculus Rift.

Original Article here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/after-selling-to-facebook-oculus-reassures-supporters-that-headset-is-focused-on-gaming/1100-6420719/

Facebook?s iPad App Becomes An Entertainment Hub With Game Discovery And Trending Videos Sidebar | TechCrunch

app-install-ads-byline-2 The change will finally give Facebook for iPad some exclusive functionality, making it more than just a bigger version of the iPhone app. For now the test will run to iPad users in the U.S. but eventually is likely to reach all iPad users. There are no immediate plans for a smartphone version of the sidebar, but something similar could be tucked into a sub tab since there isnt space to display it all the time. Facebooks Place In Mobile Gaming: Ads Facebook spent years fumbling when it came to mobile gaming, as it lacked its own mobile operating system developers could build on. It launched an HTML5 app platform in an effort to compete with Apples iOS App Store and Google Androids Play store, but the mobile web standard was too weak to attract developers. But then in 2012, Facebook found a huge money maker in the form of mobile app install ads . The proliferation of apps overwhelmed the iOS and Android stores, leaving devs desperate for ways to grow. Facebook leveraged its massive mobile engagement and targeting data to sell developers News Feed ads that score them downloads. These app install ads are the key to Facebook going essentially zero revenue on mobile to earning 59 percent of its ad revenue there, or $1.3 billion in Q1 2014 alone .

Original Article here: http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/16/facebook-for-ipad/

is the Xbox One. The folks at the Movoto Real Estate Blog counted up the Facebook "likes" received by each of the three current-gen consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U sorted them by state, and put it all together into this handy color-coded map of the United States. The Xbox One secures the most electoral votes, coming out on top in 22 states, compared to the PlayStation 4's 19. Nine states were tied between the two. The Wii U didn't win a single one, racking up less than half the likes of its two competitors in each of the fifty states. What does it all mean? In the grand scheme of things, not much. Perhaps the Xbox One's heavy focus on being an all-in-one entertainment solution perked the ears of more Facebook-savvy consumers. Or Wii U players are too busy socializing on the system itself to toss Nintendo a virtual thumbs-up.

Original Article here: http://kotaku.com/the-most-popular-current-gen-game-console-according-to-1594287941

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