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After Selling To Facebook, Oculus Reassures Supporters That Headset Is Focused On Gaming - Gamespot

"We're focusing on gaming; that's our top priority" -- Brendan Iribe "We're really focused on the game market," Iribe said. "A lot of people think, 'Oh, [Oculus Rift is] going to go into communications and these other areas.' And, 'Now Oculus is part of Facebook and they're not going to be focusing on gaming so much.' And that's really not true." He added, "We're focusing on gaming; that's our top priority. And the foundation of VR is built on a game engine. It's built on a 3D scene that you have to render in real time at an incredibly high frame rate, which is what game developers do best." Iribe also pointed out that Oculus VR will develop its own games internally, through a team led by Rubin. Though Oculus Rift may be a gaming-first platform right now, it may not stay that way forever. When Facebook acquired Oculus VR in March, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said the virtual reality tech has an opportunity to impact markets beyond gaming , and Iribe seems to agree. He said virtual "face-to-face" communication is a "longer horizon driver" for how Oculus Rift can reach 1 billion people someday. Sound familiar? That's because Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey said in April that at some point in the future, it could be considered irresponsible to send people on business trips because you'll be able to have a "meaningful" virtual meeting through technology like Oculus Rift. Also in the interview, Iribe said he doesn't think of Sony's Project Morpheus headset as a competitor because that device caters only to PlayStation 4 owners while Oculus Rift serves a wider, platform-independent crowd.

Original article here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/after-selling-to-facebook-oculus-reassures-supporters-that-headset-is-focused-on-gaming/1100-6420719/

9 addictive Facebook games - BT

Angry Birds on Facebook Criminal Case It's got some (cartoony) adult content, but Criminal Case is great for appropriate players. A hidden item/adventure game, Criminal Case tasks players with solving a series of cases. Ignore the fact it's set in a town called Grimsborough and just go with it - Criminal Case is captivating when it wants to be, and it often wants to be. Words With Friends Would we get into trouble if we called this Scrabble by another name? Yes? Oh, we won't do that then, even if that's what Words With Friends is. It's the classic competitive word http://www.castle-clash-hack.net game, with players trying to out-dictionary one another in their race to the top of 'I should have been on Countdown' Hill. Scrabble is brilliant, so it's unsurprising that Words With Friends is too. Farm Heroes Saga There's a certain other 'Saga' game below, if you want to skip ahead to the most obvious choice in any Facebook game list ever.

Original article here: http://home.bt.com/techgadgets/internet/9-addictive-facebook-games-11363912426330

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